Breng ons op de hoogte van je komst en maak een afspraak per mail :
Wij nemen voldoende tijd om je uitgebreid te adviseren.

Uiteraard ook steeds welkom zonder afspraak om op eigen tempo onze collecties te ontdekken of gewoon eens rondkijken.
Hou er wel rekening mee dat het op sommige momenten best wel druk kan zijn en er dan niet direct iemand vrij is om jou te helpen.

Casa Verde Guido Deleu


Guido Deleu

After Guido Deleu retired from a professional career as a civil engineer at Philips, he has dedicated his life to his passion for art and sculpting. He attended the Academy of Arts in Roeselare and followed workshops in Carrara, Italy focussing on sculpting techniques in marble. His dedication to his work has led to several nominations for art contests.

About the collection

The Visitor was created in ’96 for the main entrance of a cultural centre in Flanders, Belgium. It is kind and friendly figure, a visitor whom you would welcome with open arms. Gardeco reproduces this sculpture in different sizes in bronze and ceramics. In 2010 The Visitor has been selected for the exhibition Inter Connected, curated by Zoe Melo during the New York Design Week. The Visitor is available in more than 40 colors and in following sizes: Mini – Small – Plus – Large